SR 317


Regional Drive Tire

SR317 drive has been engineered to perform in off-road conditions such as mining, construction and logging applications in regional transportation. The RT317 features an aggressive multi-lug tread design for exceptional off-road traction and an enhanced rubber compound to resist Chip & Cut. Open shoulder ribs deliver superior stability and resistance to uneven wear.

Aggressive multi-lug design
Deep pattern groove
Broadened transverse shoulder groove with open shoulder design for excellent stability.

Deep tread for excellent mileage
Long service and enhanced durability
Prick resistance and cutting resistance

Size P.R. Loading Index Speed Rating TD  RIM   Applicable Rim Max Load (lbs) Pressure (Kpa) O.D. S.W.
Single Dual mm/32nds in.  in Single Dual Single Dual mm/in mm/in
11R22.5 16 148 145 G 21.0/26 8.25 7.50,8.25 123 123 6940 6385 1065/41.9 279/11.0
12R22.5  18 152 149 G 23.0/29 9.00 8.25 135 135 7830 7160 1096/43.1 300/11.8

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